Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blog Update

Yeah, I've been neglecting this blog in favor of the YouTube channel, no doubt. The thing is, people respond and engage more on YouTube, so I have more incentive to keep up with YouTube than this blog. I'd still like to have some items in the text medium, though, so I'm going to keep blogging, just probably not here. I've made a Tumblr blog, and I'm hopeful that it give me a better experience. I'll be reposting Blogspot posts there along with new stuff. I probably won't blog here again. (I don't know; maybe sometimes.)

Edit: On second thought, I could still post here as well so as to not mess up anyone's RSS feeds. It's not like I've never cross-posted things. Just, I find it difficult to keep up with posting blog posts, so when I eventually forget to come back here, try the Tumblr link.

Edit 2: Yeeaah... That didn't happen. Go to Tumblr.