Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do Masochists Like Pain?

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Can pain be pleasurable? I say this as a masochist who finds self-injury enjoyable. No, for me, stimulating nerves through causing tissue damage intentionally or even sometimes unintentionally can cause feelings of pleasure. But is that pain?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Links Out

I wanted to pass along some links:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Terminator: The Modern Frankenstein

(This was written for an English class)

Frankenstein is a story about the creation of intelligent life. Victor Frankenstein creates life from dead tissue and brings several human body parts together to create a new living being out of the fundamentals of human anatomy. The being is not quite human, being stronger, smarter, and grotesque in appearance, and it is dubbed the monster. Victor Frankenstein abandons the monster out of horror, and the monster reacts as an abused child might and ultimately swears revenge upon his creator. The scientist is ultimately criticized both for playing God in the creation of life and for being an abusive parent. This basic theme is present in modern works where the creation of intelligent is an all-to-real possibility with computer science. In many ways, the Terminator series can be seen as a modern Frankenstein.

I Like Pain; Masochistic Memoirs

(I thought I crossposted this from Fanpop's Sex and Sexuality spot a long time ago, but I guess I didn't. Ah, well, here it is.)

I like pain.

Just that. That simple sentence. It sums up a simple but significant aspect of my life. We all have likes. We are often asked our favorite colors or animals, simple likes that define us. I like hot pink. I like hyenas. I like pain.

It is sexual, but it can be as chaste as a childhood crush. As kids, we are sexual even without sexual maturity. We can be attracted to the opposite (or same!) sex even without finding them hot, and we have the platonic crushes of puppy love. In childhood we are thought to be innocent, so childhood sexuality is often glossed over and romanticized as an age without the supposed sinfulness brought by mature sexuality.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Response to "Dollhouse's Secret War on Women"

The user henryevilx has a satire Dollhouse music video on YouTube, in which he tries to expose Dollhouse as misogynistic by showing a montage of clips in which female characters are the recipients of aggressive action. The implication is that Joss likes seeing women get beat up and/or wants others to enjoy it. This is incredibly misleading, however, as it ignores the full context of these moments much in the style of a Michael Moore film. If you took all of the Holocaust scenes from Schindler’s List and put it to music, you can make it look like it’s anti-Semitic, but I think it’s clear in context that Schindler’s List is about the horrors of anti-Semitism and in no way promotes it. Hell, you could make Chick Tracts look like they’re promoting all the things Jack Chick considers sinful by removing the morals at the ends. Dollhouse is very much a feminist show through depicting women getting hurt and then rising up against their oppressors. It also has characters like Echo and Sierra as active fighters, and active fighters are going to take some blows now and then.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Happened to the Machinima? (Halo)

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A few years ago, RelentlessRecusant and I got together to make Halo Fanon’s very own machinima called Common Denominator. We wrote a bit, recruited some other guys, acted out scenes, filmed our scenes… and nothing really came of it. We basically got one scene ready, a trailer, some concept credits, and that was it. What happened to Halo Fanon’s machinima? Do we have any hope of making one now?