Friday, June 22, 2012

"Star Trekkies I: Enterprise" - Star Trek Fanfic Review

Next on my list of old fanfic favorites is "Star Trekkies I: Enterprise" by Ael L. Bolt, posted October 10th, 2001--April 10th, 2002. At one point, I had a bit of a "girl crush" (strong platonic affection) on the author--then called Lugia42--and I was a member of her online Star Trek forum. "Star Trekkies" is a silly fanfic turning several of the forum members into Star Trek characters. It's a big Mary Sue story, but who cares? And, no, I'm not in the story. I was too shy to assert a desire to be in it, and as such... *shrugs*

The plotline is a fairly standard wish-fulfillment story. Members of the forum manage to turn up at the same Star Trek convention and are together abducted by time travelling aliens--kind of like the Hilton's Star Trek Experience--and are transformed into their costumes by those wacky aliens. They're rescued by the TOS Enterprise in time for "The Paradise Syndrome", which just happens to be the author's favorite episode, and they help save the day (and fix a continuity error) along with Spock, who I'm pretty sure the author had a crush on. Despite just entering into Starfleet, by the end, the author's avatar makes Lieutenant.

First of all, I have to point out that this fanfic is unrealistic. According to this, people at a science-fiction convention--not just any, but a Star Trek convention--freak out when aliens show up and abduct people. No, not buying it. This is the kind of place where a Klingon cosplayer can assault Corin Nemic and have no one bat an eye. In reality, it would be like Galaxy Quest. People would just be like "Wow, what effects!" and then go to get their Star Trek T-shirts.

Seriously, though, these characters are pretty much Mary Sues by definition, considering the trope namer came from a satirical Star Trek fanfic. While it makes sense that people from our reality transported to a fictional universe would have great power, there has to be significant adversity to make it interesting. The latest Star Trek movie reboot actually goes somewhere similar. Spock-Prime goes to a world where he has full knowledge of the timeline, but there's also a crazy Romulan screwing things up. If you have powerful protagonists, you need more powerful antagonists. Put in some psycho Trekkies to screw things up.

Also, this commits one of the same errors as "Katanon" and spontaneously makes a scene into a song fic. When Allison (the author avatar) goes into her family's long abandoned house, Natalie Grant's "It Make You Wanna Go Home" apparently plays. This is not a movie script, nor is it consistently a song fic, so it doesn't work.

Like many fanfics written soon after 9/11, it incorporates the attacks into the story. Spock describes it as the beginning of WWIII in this specific fan universe. His description is chilling because it is similar enough to what has transpired, and Allison set the date out far enough that it's still near-future.
Spock raised an eyebrow. "Correct. The United States retaliated against the terrorist Osama bin Laden and his allies, leaving the Middle East in ruins for several years. In 2016, a massive military strike against the United States was carried out by survivors of the Afghani Taliban. Thus, World War Three began. It lasted for fourteen years. The United States were victorious in the end. However, much of the country was bombed before the Taliban was eliminated."

Is it especially well-written? No, but it doesn't need to be. It's fun and nostalgic for me. I'll keep it around for my sakes, but, on the other hand, I wouldn't especially recommend it.

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