Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Conversations of a Deranged Cassie and Scary Guy" - Review

Next fanfic in my old favorites list... isn't one. It's posted on Fanfiction.net, but it's not a fanfic. "Conversations of a Deranged Cassie and Scary Guy" by Ax is a collection of chat conversations in which an Animorphs fan (Ax) trolls a "scary guy" named Joey by pretending to be various Animorphs characters and talking about crazy things.

While it's funny in an America's Funniest Home Videos shadenfreud kind of way, I'm too empathetic to really appreciate it. I don't know Joey, so I don't know how scary he really is. Ax comes off as a total jackass. She repeatedly describes having fun scaring him, and her actions are undoubtedly harassment, even sexual harassment because she keeps calling him "hottie". Screw you, Ax. This one's off the favorites list.

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