Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weird Search Terms

Thanks to Site Meter, I can tell when people visit Going Rampant and from where. If it was from a search engine, the search terms are usually recorded. Below is a list of some of the strangest things people have reached my blog searching for:

  • "sexy mechanics" - This is a problem of searches ignoring punctuation. "...Sexy? Mechanics..."
  • "feminist killing boys" - Sorry, no anti-feminist rants here.
  • "sex porno massacre brutaly" - I'm sure I used every one of those words on a page, just not together like that.
  • "fanfiction about dark and dominant jacob raping and forcing bella to be his sex slave" - Sorry, not my thing. Now, morally grey and dominant Claire raping and forcing Elle to be her sex slave...
  • "goa'uld porn" - Um, what the frak?
  • "how to kill a womanizing husband" - Yikes! 
  • "is halo a girl character in the game halo" - Halo is a pretty cool gal. ehs kills aleins and doesn't afraid of anything. Seriously, though, no, Halo is a ring-shaped weapon of mass destruction.
  • "obama is an active from the dollhouse" - Ha! Well, it would make sense. Bennett's good at programming leadership qualities.
  • "halo elite female porn" - Is it weird that I've actually seen some on the 'net?
  • "snakes slither into female womb and gives birth sex stories" - I... What?
  • "images of a female spartan from halo getting raped by an elite" - Um... Hell, no.
It's a sick 'net, people! It's a sick 'net!

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