Monday, January 10, 2011

Male AI Images

I'm posting this here because I think it's awesome, and to explain my "gender non-conforming AI" image. There's this light sculpture in Japan called The Man With No Shadow, and it looks remarkably like a male version of Cortana from Halo 2 and Halo 3. This is Cortana here:

And this is The Man With No Shadow:

He really does look like an AI hologram. This makes him a perfect template for AI images that can be used for profile pictures of fanfiction characters in the Halo Fanfiction Wiki. To this end, I've created the following:

Green MWNS

Violet MWNS


Yellow MWNS

I think the pink, red, and yellow versions are the best-looking, aside from the original Cortana-blue. The red one is especially nice considering the Western connotations of the color red with evil. and the red one could work as an evil AI. I've already incorporated it into my Common Denominator fanfiction comic:

I wasn't actually trying to create a gender non-conforming AI with the pink MWNS. I was really just trying to get him to look more like the Cortana of the first Halo game back when she was purple-pink. The concept did come in handy, though, when I needed an image to illustrate my article on transphobia on Halopedia. I came up with this, based on the lolcats meme:

I imagine some folks have been confused by this image. Well, here's the explanation. (By the way, it's saved as "icanhasgendrnonnormativity.jpg". Teehee.)

Well, anyway, I just had to share these images. I think the resemblance to Cortana is too cool not to do something like this.

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