Saturday, November 27, 2010

Red vs. Blue 1x02 - Review


“Red Gets a Delivery” continues from where we left off. Grif and Simmons join Sarge as he introduces the M12-LRV, which he likes to call the Warthog. Grif, however, questions the name. He thinks the car looks more like a puma. Sarge doesn’t know what a puma is, though, and he accuses Grif of making it up. Sarge points out that the M12-LRV has tow hooks that look like tusks “and what kind o’ animal has tusks?”

“A walrus,” Grif answers. But Sarge doesn’t recognize that one either and accuses him of making it up too.

Cut to Church and Tucker. Church reports that the Reds have a car, causing Tucker to get jealous. Church points out that the Blues are about to get a tank. Tucker complains that “you can’t pick up chicks in a tank”. Church exclaims that there are no chicks to pick up and, anyway, you can’t pick up chicks in a car that looks like that.

Tucker asks what kind of car it is. Church examines it and reports that it looks like some kind of cat. “What? Like a puma?” Tucker suggests. Church agrees that it does indeed look like a puma.

Back to the Reds. Sarge is in the middle of mocking Grif by suggesting various mythical creatures as a name for the M12-LRV. Sarge asks Simmons what the name is of the Mexican lizard that eats goats, and Simmons answers that it’s the chupacabra. Sarge sarcastically suggests “Chupa-Thingy”.

My Thoughts

This is another classic episode. The Warthog/Puma debate is often quoted. All around the Halo community, people refer to the Warthog as the Puma. Bungie went as far as to include an Easter egg reference to it in Halo 3, where the word “Puma” is written on the tires of the Warthog.

This episode starts the theme of Sarge disrespecting Grif and respecting Simmons. Also it shows some camaraderie between Grif and Simmons as they together note the oddity of Sarge’s “ice cream social” jibe. It reminds me of a later episode where they give each other looks at one of O’Malley’s corny lines. We have the first mention of the tank storyline and the Warthog plays into that, but this episode is very self-contained overall.


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