Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halopedia: Anti-Vandal Coalition

(Okay, this was made for Halopedia on February 21, 2010. It’s a humorous comic created to explain an important lesson for how the wiki shouldn’t be run, in a way engaging enough for people to actually get the messge. Normally, I don’t crosspost items that are just about the wiki, but as Wikia is overhauling the site, I want to have this on my blogspot where I can trust it won’t vanish into the abyss or just look really hard to read.)

A few years ago, we had a Halopedian group called the Anti-Vandal Coalition, which was supposed to fight vandals. Vandals were reported on a page, and those who actively opposed vandals got ranked in a hierarchal system. It was a mess because vandals were only encouraged by the AVC. They saw it as a chance to play the villain in an epic game or something. Jack Phoenix put a stop to this with a forum post explaining how we were feeding the trolls.

This was back in 2007. Because it was a while ago, a lot of our current users don’t remember the events surrounding the AVC. Occasionally there will be an enthusiastic push for a neo-AVC from users who don’t get the reasons why the admins ardently oppose such vandal-fighting groups. In order to help people understand this important part of Halopedian culture, I’m posting the (hopefully) humorous comic below: 

And if that doesn't show up:

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