Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Real Doll Men Wear Pink

Back in February, I picked up an interesting doll from a toy store in Langley, Washington. It’s a fairy spirit of something or other with an interesting blend of elements that in today’s society would be gendered both as feminine and masculine. It is clearly a man with a big grandfatherly beard, yet his jacket is bright magenta.
This character appears in a variety of different outfits, some themed for different holidays such as with him being the Easter bunny, etc. I was drawn to this particular doll because of the unusualness of a man wearing something well that would generally be considered for women. I suspect that this doll is based on older fashions in which pink was considered a masculine color, but it is interesting that in today’s society such a thing could still be made and with dignity as opposed to comedy. In modern day society, pink is considered to be inherently feminine, to be displayed by women and no one else to the point where just displaying pink can indicate femininity. Even though the doll is probably using an earlier standard that says pink is only for men, being too aggressive to be worn by women, this is certainly not the way things are done these days and this doll is interesting because it challenges the gender-coded norms of today.

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