Thursday, March 11, 2010

God Hates Parodies

The Westboro Baptist Church is a group of hatemongerers led by abusive husband and father Fred Phelps. They are probably most well known for their catchphrase “God hates fags” that they use as a website and that they pull out to picket soldiers’ funerals. They have a variety of phrases that use the start “God hates” and then apply it to a subject that’s suffered recently as a means to promote their hatred such as with “God hates America”, “God hates India”, and “God hates Jews” to name a few. They are horrible and oh so easy to make fun of. Therefore, I give you God Hates Parodies!

In the opening sequence of the vampire show True Blood, we see a church sign that says “God Hates Fangs”.
Then, there’s this guy dressed as the Burger King king mascot with a sign that says “God Hates McDonald’s”. I love it. (Source)
And because the WBC attacked Twitter, “God Hates Retweets”. (Source)
At the same event as the above, “God Hates Ponies”.
EDIT: Well, the WBC hit 2010's Comic-Con. Counter-protesters included this Star Trekker with a sign that says "God Hates Jedi" on one side and "God Needs a Starship" on the other (Jedi source, Starship source):

And there's this guy who's either a fan or a hater of the webcomic Carpe Chaos, who has a "God Hates Carpe Chaos" sign (Source):
 There's someone with a "God Hates Sentries" sign (Source):
There's a woman and a man dressed as Jesus who have a sign that says "God Loves Everybody" (Source):
 Then there's this anti-feline guy with a "God Hates Kittens" sign (Source):
Finally we have a man with a sign with rainbow flags on it that says “God Hates Fred Phelps” (Source):
EDIT2: I'm not sure where they all came from, but there are some more from the website God Hates Protestors.

A "God Hates Snuggies" sign (Source):

 A"God Hates Sin, and cos too" sign from a math protest (Source):

A "God Hates Hateful Christians" sign (source):

And then there's a counter protest with signs including "God Hates Fax (but loves email)", "Team Jacob", and "Jesus Loves Soldiers" (source):

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