Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun New Toy (Gender)

“Dear Buddha, I want a pony, and plastic rocket, and one of those…”
–Mal, Serenity
I ran across Regender, a fun translator-type program to convert web pages into displaying opposite gender names and pronouns. This is a very good way of casually analyzing sexist gender roles prevalent in society. It should save me a lot of time if I ever want to imagine a gender-reversed Heroes episode again.
Caboose: “AI… What’s the A stand for?”
Church: “Artificial.”
Caboose: “…What’s the I—”
Church: “Intelligence!”
Caboose: “Oh… What was the A again?”
Church: “Let’s move on.”
Red vs. Blue, episode “Human Peer Bonding”
The one complaint I have is that it doesn’t recognize the word AI as an acronym of “artificial intelligence”. It seems to think it’s an all-caps version of the Japanese name Ai, which it converts into Anthony. This makes it awkward when I use it on my Halo fanfiction, given the number of times the word AI pops up. “Is this ANTHONY sentient?”
Fun conversions:

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