Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grand List of FML Sexism (Part 2)

So, back in July I started this list of sexist or sexism-related entries at sixty-second schadenfreude site FMyLife. The first part, spanning from 10/13/2008 to 1/28/2009, is here. Continuing my list, here we have 1/28/2009 to 03/06/2009.

·        #3670 – Guy goes out with neighbor described as attractive and is upset that she won’t make out with him.
·        #3771 – Someone is annoyed at living with two obnoxious women and describes them in an insulting fashion. I’m guessing this person is male because of the words used. Example of fat hate.
·        #4044 – Guy thinks it’s awesome that he would drunkenly have sex with his girlfriend’s best (female) friends.
·        #4489 – Woman sleeps with guy who shares that he likes pretending to rape her.
·        #4679 – Guy suffers social trouble for watching something characterized as feminine instead of something characterized as masculine.
·        #4860 – Guy is upset because he accidentally masturbated to a transwoman. Trans- and homophobic.
·        #5105 – Woman is upset because her husband is (apparently) a transvestite.
·        #7471 – Female swim instructor describes getting felt up by a 6-year-old boy.
·        #9160 – Woman gets a male nurse who complains about getting all the “beefy girls”.
·        #9321 – Guy gets dumped because his ex-girlfriend wants someone like Edward from Twilight. Now, I think the majority of complaints about Twilight for sexism are overblown, but the fact is that Edward is based on this sort of bad-boy ideal (like, ‘he’s a monster, and he wants to hurt me on some level, but he never will because he loves me’) that just doesn’t really exist in the real world. It’s fine for men of fantasy like Edward, or for another example the Phantom of the Opera, but any person in the real world who approaches this ideal will probably just be abusive. Note that I speak not of BDSM with its negotiated consent.
·        #10022 – Guy attempts to rub his foot against the foot of the “hot girl” seated beside him in class. No indication that they had any prior relationship.
·        #12002 – Woman realizes her boyfriend’s a jerk. Fat-hate.
·        #12870 – Jerk at bar rudely turns from woman because of her major.
·        #13743 – Guy is upset because of apparent androgynous appearance.
·        #13891 – Woman gets told she’s fat by “creepy skin care guy”.
·        #14044 – Football captain guy is upset when everyone learns he listens to Celine Dion.
·        #14357 – Guy wakes up after a drunken party, still drunk, and kisses some woman lying next to him with her eyes closed. They make out until she opens her eyes, says “Oh, it’s you,” and walks away. Guy is upset by this.
·        #24019 – Rude waiter insists a woman get diet coke.
·        #45766 – Guy gets in trouble for snarking about his male boss’s purse.
·        #45910 – Guy is upset because he lost a fight he started in a lesbian bar.
·        #70885 – Woman receives rude comment about her weight from male cashier.
·        #75556 – Woman gets peeped on by three boys while she works out.
·        #81580 – Guy, apparently with an androgynous appearance, is upset because a kid thought he was neither male nor female.
·        #102148 – Creepy guy tells woman he stalks “pretty girls like [her]”
·        #102493 – Guy is upset because someone thought he was female.
·        #129411 – Woman is upset because she finds out her boyfriend is a transvestite.
·        #141211 – Guy refers to a woman as “a nice pair of tits”. He’s upset because he gets in trouble for it.
·        #144886 – Woman gets into an embarrassing situation because she assumes she’s dealing with a pervert, which is understandable given that it is an existing problem.
·        #162461 – Guy is upset because he thinks his female nurse sexually assaulted him (debatable; could just be hernia test), but expressly describes her obesity and unattractiveness.
·        #176117 – Female bank employee gets asked by male customer if she opens bottles with her breasts.
·        #180985 – Woman runs into her creepy male boss who seems convinced they’re in a relationship.
·        #193676 – Bar owner refers to female employee as “the stupid c**t”.
·        #204015 – Guy gets mistaken for a pervert, which again wouldn’t happen without the existing problem.
·        #210139 – Creepy guy on subway compliments woman’s eyeballs.
·        #210718 – Another case of a guy getting mistaken for a pervert. Again, sorry for everyone involved, but this does fit into an existing problem.
·        #224033 – Guy is upset for supposed androgynous appearance based on a computer program. I’m doubtful how accurate the program is, but he shouldn’t be so distressed because of perceived femininity.
That’s 36 more entries in addition to the previously posted 35. I’ll post more later, unless someone else takes up the task (doubtful). Although the author hasn’t updated in a while, the fml fail category at What a crazy random happenstance seems to be the best site addressing these sexist FML entries in general.

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