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The Halopedia Abuse Deconstruction

Sometime after the release of Halo 2, I became aware of this article posted on the Internet: “The Columbine Youth Revolution”. This is an extreme fringe Christian article describing alleged instances of promotion of war against Christians. About two thirds of the way through, the author starts describing Halo as Microsoft’s tool to promote war, and they use Halopedia as a source of evidence to support the various claims made against the game series. Having personally written a good portion of the material quoted, I feel obliged to deconstruct the section of the article related to Halo.

Halo 2” is the sequel to “Halo” which was produced by Bungie Studios and came out on Xbox. Bungie was bought by Microsoft which plans to make Halo a trilogy. The symbolism of three is seen in many popular serial movies today, such as Tolkein's heavily Gnostic, pseudo-Christian Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and the Matrix trilogy, produced by the New Age/Jewish Wachowski brothers. As of January 2005, Halo 2 had sold over 6 million copies and together with Halo sold 12.8 million units around the world. (MSNBC) On its opening day of sales, Halo 2 made $125 million, making it the highest grossing profit on the first day when compared to movies and other video games. 

No real complaint here. Obviously the author is unduly concerned with religious implications. I assume the phrase “To each his own,” would be thought of as blasphemy. I don’t know enough about Tolkien/Wachowski brothers to comment there. I don’t think the popularity of trilogies really has anything to do with spiritual symbolism so much as common construction of fiction. Whatever; the author hasn’t quoted Halopedia yet.

According to Microsoft, “Halo 2 still dominates the top 10 Xbox Live games in terms of total time spent online.” Not only that, but Peter Jackson, the producer of the Lord of the Rings and King Kong officially announced to make a Halo movie. It seems like the people at Bungie and Microsoft really want Halo to influence lots of viewers worldwide with their games and movies, as it is rumored the Halo movie will be out in 2007.

They are capitalists. They want to make money. Halo 2 was really popular and they wanted to continue that cash crop. Really nothing more to it. As for the rumor that it would be out in 2007, that’s just because of Bungie’s love of the number seven and wasn’t really based on anything substantial.

Like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Halo 2 has lots of blood and gore. But instead of commanding an American faction or foreign army, or a gangster, or an alien to destroy America, it is about a space marine called “Master Chief,” or alternatively SPARTAN-117 or John-117, who defends earth as part of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC). Here we have a major clue, for “John” is the esoteric or secret name of all Grand Masters of the Prieuré de Sion, which directs all secret societies, and January 17 (117) is the date that the Prieuré de Sion elects its Grand Masters. In Judeo-Freemasonry, “John” is an occult blind for the Roman God, Janus. According to Halopedia, “He [Master Chief] is never called by his first name [John] in the video games.” 

The Grand Masters of what? If you’re like me and have no idea what the Prieuré de Sion is, the Wikipedia article can be found here. Pretty wackjob stuff, huh?

Well, I’m not qualified to talk about the Prieuré de Sion. However, I can say with some authority that among the Halo community no one knows anything about this. This is not some common topic, and Halo is pretty heavily examined for religious references. It’s generally assumed that John-117 is a reference to a bible quote, such as John 1:17, John 11:7, or likewise in the Book of Revelations (aka Book of John). So, yeah, we’re thinking along vaguely similar terms insofar as his name being a deliberate religious reference, but nothing about the Prieuré de Sion or Freemasons.

That last statement by Halopedia that John’s first name is never spoken in the games was accurate when it was written, but things have since changed. At the end of Halo 3, Cortana specifically says, “It’s been an honor serving with you, John.” With that in mind, let’s move on to the next part:

There are two more clues in the profile of the Master Chief: “...he is always portrayed in his MJOLNIR battle armor which features an opaque, reflective visor: creating the effect of never revealing his face. The Chief wears MJOLNIR Mark V until the beginning of Halo 2 where he starts using MJOLNIR Mark VI.” 

The Master Chief never reveals his face and the Bible states that the Antichrist will be “revealed” -- which indicates he is in hiding prior to that moment when he makes his debut on the world stage: “...that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition... And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.” (II Thess. 2:4,6)

In fact, the bestselling book, The Da Vinci Code, disclosed that the Merovingian {false} Christ is presently in hiding: “Only two direct lines of Merovingians remain. Their family names are Plantard and Saint-Clair. Both families live in hiding, probably protected by the Priory [Prieuré de Sion/Elders of Sion].”

Wait, what? Yes, they are saying that the Chief is the Antichrist. The protector of Earth and all her colonies against the horde of genocidal aliens is in fact Satan. Suddenly it all makes sense!

No, no it doesn’t…

Master Chief is actually portrayed as a Christ figure, especially in the Believe promotional campaign. The gist of the commercials was that several decades after the end of the war some marines are interviewed about their experiences in a horrible battle, but that Master Chief gave them hope and allowed them to save the day. Earth would not have been saved without the Master Chief, and the Chief is thought dead and he is honored as the savior of Earth. Now, does that sound like the Antichrist?

That the Chief has yet to be “revealed” is really just a marketing gimmick. From the books we know a bit about his appearance (Caucasian, brown hair), but when playing the game it creates a feel that this guy is more machine than man. Moreover, it allows anyone playing as him to imagine themselves within the armor.

The Master Chief wears MHOLNIR Mark VI armour. The Bible states that the number of the Antichrist is 666 which number is symbolized by his Mark, the six-pointed star: 

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Rev. 13:17-18) “The emblem is made up of three pairs of triangles with their apexes touching. Each pair collectively represents the number 6, which qualifies the whole symbol as a graphical representation of 666.” (See: “The Six-Pointed Star: The Mark of the Beast)

The six-pointed star is the occult symbol of divinity and we know from II Thessalonians 2:3-4 that “the man of sin, the son of perdition...exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.” Judeo-Freemasons believe that Adam was androgynous before he fell at which time he separated into male and female and that his original state of androgyny was divine perfection. According to Judeo-Masonic authors of The Second Messiah, the False Christ will be called the Third Adam or Thrice Perfect Father Adam

The six-pointed star was also the Shield of Solomon, the apostate king of Israel the Judeo-Freemasons believe will be reincarnated in the Antichrist. As stated in Halopedia, the protagonist in the Halo 2 video game, John, has a “Mark VI” MJOLNIR battle armour which, “has superior shielding systems and a different Heads-Up Display, and also apparently (because it is not outright stated) has integrated Biofoam insertors, removing the need for medical packs, for replenishing health, that the Chief had in Halo: Combat Evolved, since he regains health automatically as his shields recharge.” (MJOLNIR is pronounced “mole-near”, as in mole/secret agent?) 

Holy crazy connections! His armor is (in Halo 2) MJOLNIR Mark VI, which leads us to 666 how exactly? You might as well say, “That boy’s soccer uniform says 06, therefore he is the Antichrist.” 6 ≠ 666
Moving on, the author starts describing the six-pointed star (aka the Star of David) as a representation of 666 (far from its usual interpretation). They then describe how this symbol is used in Freemasonry ideology. Important note: neither 666 nor the six-pointed star are in the source material, therefore they have nothing to do with it! You can’t start making claims about pagan references when you’re the one who brought it up!

Now, the part about the Shield of Solomon… What the heck? Let’s recap: The Master Chief has MJOLNIR Mark VI armor; 666 is the number of the beast; 666 is represented as a six-pointed star; Freemasons have beliefs about the six-pointed star; the six-pointed star is the Shield of Solomon; Freemasons believe Solomon is the Antichrist; MJOLNIR armor has shields; therefore Master Chief is the Antichrist.

A little hasty to blame the Freemasons, huh? Lest we forget, 666, the six-pointed star, Freemasons, and Solomon were all brought up by the author and have no real connection to Halo. And why wouldn’t battle armor have shields? That’s just common sense, and force-field shielding has been in science-fiction for quite a while. The Enterprise has shields, so is Picard the Antichrist?

And as for “mole-near”, that’s just a pronunciation guide! MJOLNIR is a weird word that a lot of people struggle to pronounce. I had heard “mole-near” given on a podcast as the correct pronunciation, and added it to Halopedia. I have since read that it’s pronounced like “mi-yol-nir”, so apparently it was a mistaken guide.
The word Mjolnir in fact comes from Norse mythology. The author should be basing their crazy mumbo-jumbo on the pagan god Thor and his hammer Mjolnir, which clearly relates to the Antichrist… somehow.

SPARTAN-117 is another references to January 17, the date on which Prieuré de Sion/Elders of Sion elect their Grand Masters. “SPARTANS” refers to Sparta, the city in ancient Greece to which the Tribe of Dan (tribe from which the Merovingians descended), migrated from Israel in 721 BC. There they settled and eventually relocated to Troy and Europe.

What the frak? It is a reference to powerful warriors. The Spartans of Halo were based on the warriors of Sparta in terms of training and were used as an elite team of super soldiers to defend the United Earth Government from rebel forces, much as the warriors of Sparta defended Grease from Persia. Seriously, Halo has nothing to do with these Grand Master guys!

Revelation 13:7 foretells of the Antichrist, “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” If the Master Chief in the video war game, Halo 2, represents the Antichrist, who do his enemies represent in real life?

Oh, no! No, don’t! Oh boy…

The Halo 2 game portrays the United Nations as a ruling military body as well as a global (or in this case a galaxy-wide) military force for humanity. Many end-times ministries are predicting that the United Nations is the fourth beast that will take over the world and Bungie/Microsoft seems to be trying add to the chaos that will happen if there is a war in real life between Christian militias and the UN as headed by Maitreya.


Okay, first of all, the UNSC isn’t that big. They only colonize a few hundred planets. That’s nothing compared to the whole galaxy. They're just an interstellar military force.

So, not only is the real life United Nations going to take over the world, but Bungie and Microsoft made Halo to “add to the chaos”.

And it’s so easy when you’re evil
This is the life, you see
The Devil tips his hat to me
I do it all because I’m evil
And I do it all for free
Your tears are all the pay I’ll ever need

Seriously, though, total wackjob!

Speaking of Christian militias and Joel's Army, in the games Halo and Halo 2, the main enemy which the player, a cyborg named Master Chief, fight alongside the UNSC Marine forces are the aliens called The Covenant. According to Halopedia:

The Covenant is a militarized theocracy consisting of a galactic alliance of several non-human races in the Halo series. Members of the UNSC will sometimes causually [sic] refer to members of the Covenant as “Covies”. 

“The Covenant is governed by the High Council, which is led by three High Prophets and consists of lesser Prophets and Elites (and eventually Brutes, who begin to replace Elites in Covenant society toward the end of Halo 2). They worship The Forerunner, an unknown and ancient race who have left behind many artifacts and technologies. It is assumed that those alien races conquered by the Covenant are forced into, or gradually become part of, the alliance. It is unknown why they have not chosen to follow this pattern with humans, attempting instead to eradicate all humanity. The probable reason for this is that the Covenant seem to see humanity as vile, unholy and unworthy, which only raises more questions. ”

Here is another quote of tantamount importance regarding the Great Journey:
“In the Covenant's mythology, the Great Journey is a transcendence that makes one a god. The Prophets and the Elites were once at war with each other. Then the Prophets discovered a myth that the Forerunners built seven Halos around the galaxy, activated them, went on their Great Journey and became gods. The races formed an alliance, the Elites pledging to protect the Prophets as they searched for the rings. But they soon started having more conflicts when the Brutes became the new guardians of the Prophets and betrayed the Elites, splitting the Covenant into civil war. Along with the Hunters and Grunts the Elites fought against the Brutes, Jackals and Drones, giving the Arbiter the ability to prevent Tartarus from activating Installation 05.

For those of you who don't know this game, Bungie seems to be trying to promote war between Christians and non-Christians. The UNSC (the human forces) represents secular society and the United Nations, and the Covenant represent the “militarized theocracy,” a term that will describe the Inquisition of Pope Benedict XVI and the theocracy established by the Dominionist Joel's Army. These parallels are very easy to see and even blatant to anyone who has ever played these games.

*slams head into desk repeatedly* Yes, I wrote some of that. *continues beating head*

Arg! Now, as an atheist, I really hate it when people paint a secular society as a bad thing and that people who attempt to argue are then prompted to deny its status as such. Yes, the UNSC is a secular society insofar as specific religions are not pushed on anyone and its citizens have their own spiritual beliefs. That’s not a bad thing! The United States could learn from them!

As for the Covenant, it is pretty obviously based on Abrahamic religions. They are not necessarily a metaphor for Christianity, though. They are often interpreted as violent state-driven Islam, relevant for the time Halo 2 came out. When they are compared to Christianity, it is usually during a time such as the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition, where the institutions are clearly in the wrong. There is nothing to suggest that Bungie would be promoting a war in contemporary times!

Notice how even in the Halopedia, the games Halo and Halo 2 depict the Covenant to be like Christians and Muslims. The three High Prophets could be a representation of Pope Benedict, as these prophets command the aliens' forces of the religious Covenant in the same way Benedict would be allied to Joel's Army. The Covenant despise humanity because they think of them as “unholy” -- unholy being a Biblical word and, unfortunately, many people today think of Christians as very prejudiced and evil, even violent people and this game furthers this misconception.

No it doesn’t. Prejudiced Christians further their own stereotype.

No comment on Joel’s Army.

In the second quote which referred to the civil war between the Elites and the Brutes, this would represent the Second Civil War in America or the Civil War in the Church which is promoted by Rick Joyner.

No… What? The events of Halo are not references to obscure prophecies.

Also mentioned are the “Forerunners”, which could be a Masonic reference to ancient aliens, known as the Annunaki (Nephilim or fallen angels) which came to earth to populate it with their DNA. (Gen. 6) Notice how they said the Prophets (cf. Benedict XVI) were looking for the Halos. When activated, the Covenant believed that they'd all be transformed into Gods in an event called “The Great Journey.” The real truth though, as the game player finds out, is that when the Halos are activated it destroys all life in the universe and that is why the Forerunners died. Now the Covent wants to activate the Halos in order to become Gods! This represents two things, which is a mixture of New Age, Gnostic, and Christian allegory.

The Great Journey may be the “Rapture” in the view of the Judeo-Freemasons at Bungie and Microsoft. There are basically two views of the Rapture -- the Biblical view and the Gnostic view.

· Biblical view: The event before the start of the 7 year Tribulation when Jesus takes His true believers, body and all, into heaven so they won't have to endure the pain and persecution the world will suffer when the Anti-Christ rises to power and God delivers his judgment on earth.

· Gnostic view: This is believed by people in Dominionist Manifest Sons of God churches where, instead of Jesus taking up the believers before the Tribulation starts, they will become glorified as "Gods" and become immortal and, as Joel's Army, impose their Christian Dominion on Earth, and only then will Jesus come once the world is under the control of Joel's Army.

Halo 2 portrays both factions. Master Chief knows that if the Prophets find one of the many Halos, they could destroy all life in the universe. The original Halo was about the Master Chief trying to prevent the Covenant from activating Halo. The Covenant's version of the "Rapture" means both the sudden death of all life in the Universe (which Bungie portrays as the Rapture when all believers are taken away by Jesus) and the Charismatic Manifest Sons of God kind (they'll all become Gods)!

The Forerunners could be a reference to the fallen angels. That is actually not so bad a theory, and I make reference to that in my Halo fanfiction. At this point, I think they are far more likely to be a collective God. I’m sure that’s proof Bungie hates Christians or some nonsense.

The Great Journey could be a reference to the Rapture. It could also be a reference to the Buddhist concept of spiritual enlightenment. I doubt Joel’s Army has anything to do with it, though.

If one looks at the Halopedia website, many of the characters and other entities have strange names which denote that they have counterparts in real life. For example, there is a building called “The Ark” which is named probably after the “Ark of Covenant” from the Bible.

No kidding.

Considering the alien force is called the “Covenant” and the “Ark” of Halo is the place where all the Halos are activated, Bungie and Microsoft seem to have their hands full of Masonic symbolism right there.

The Ark

“The Ark is a mysterious Forerunner device from which all the Halos can be activated. In the end of Halo 2, Delta Halo is armed and then unexpectedly shut down, causing it to send a superluminal signal to all other Halos in the galaxy, putting them on standby mode. 343 Guilty Spark informs Miranda Keyes and Sergeant Johnson that the Halos must now be shut down from “The Ark”. The location of the Ark is implied to be somewhere on Earth, possibly in New Mombasa though this would mean that parts of Halo 3 would once again be in a similar location, which is unlikely, it is also up to question if The Ark could even be The Moon (which is also shown just before the credits). The Ark could also possibly be the Forerunner Ship.”

“It is revealed in Halo 2 that all other Halo rings in the galaxy have been activated and put into standby mode, and that only a device known as The Ark has the capability to shut them all down. Sergeant Johnson, Miranda Keyes, 343 Guilty Spark and the Arbiter ponder this in the Delta Halo control room. It is implied that this device was sequestered away by the Forerunners, probably somewhere on Earth in remote pre-history.” [pre-Flood Atlantis?]

Oh, boy… Okay, these Halopedia quotes are full of old speculation that turned out not so accurate. Halo 3 reveals that there was a portal to the Ark buried on Earth, but the Ark itself was extragalactic. Atlantis doesn’t have a thing to do with anything.

This Ark of the Covenant is also reminiscent of the alleged Ark of the Covenant in Atlantis which was transported to Egypt after Noah's Flood. Compare the above with the Ark of Atlantis:

“When the massive structure was first constructed, the final portion to be levitated into place was the gleaming gold and crystal capstone containing the original Ark of the Covenant, brought from Atlantis. [Atlantis is a parallel grid program running at the same time as our reality. If you connect with it - your soul is experiencing in both realities at the same time.] This Ark and capstone graced the very summit of Knut [the Great Pyramid]. Once this floating capstone was so placed, the Great Ones created several lesser Arks.”

So the Atlantean Ark was “sequestered away” in Great Pyramid of Egypt like the Ark in Halo was “sequestered away by the Forerunners, probably somewhere on Earth in remote pre-history.” High level Masons claim that the pyramids at Giza are situated in the same formation as the three stars in Orion's belt and, according to Halo 2, this Ark is alleged to have been transported to the constellation of Orion where it resides on the middle star in Orion's Belt.

“Also, it is possible that neither the Earth nor the Forerunner ship is the Ark. While watching the "Deleted Scenes" section of the bonus DVD, the Arbiter walks past a map of the location of all 7 Halos, to go talk to a Prophet. This map resembles the constellation of Orion, although the middle star of Orion's Belt is missing. It is likely that the middle star is the Ark.

And here is the fault of the wiki: anyone can post anything. Fortunately these days Halopedia is large enough that this kind of thing could get challenged much quicker than back then. That Orion stuff is balderdash.

Interestingly, in Egyptian mythology, Isis and Osiris escaped the Flood on the Ark which carried them to the Milky Way.

According to Crystalinks, the Atlantean Ark is an EM machine, and if someone connects with it, their soul experiences two realities at the same time. That fits in with the Ark being the remote to activate the Halos and cause all life in the universe to die/become Gods.

“The voltage of a second Ark was integrated into the structure of the open granite sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber. Since granite is saturated with minute crystals, it was not difficult to charge the initiatory coffer with incredible cosmic force. [The Ark - in this instance – is an energy generator for the EM program]. Hence the uninitiated unprotected sons of Earth were not permitted to touch the Ark because of its radiating voltage, placed there by generated cosmic rays. The priests who had charge of it, called the Arkites, wore protective garments. But they were themselves charged with cosmic power.” (The Ark of the Covenant)

This corresponds with the concept that the Atlantean Ark turns “spirit into matter and matter into spirit.” In other words when “all life in the universe is killed” by the Halo Ark, that is another way to saying it has the power to make someone become spirit and matter interchangeably.


This Atlantis stuff… What the heck? Again we have the problem of making conclusions based on material not referenced in the source material. Anyone could make a reference to something and say it supports a conclusion, but unless it has some kind of real connection you’ve got nothing.

Also, notice that uninitiated people *cannot* go to the Atlantean Ark. Maybe here, the two people in the Halo game (which will be Halo 3 because the story isn't done yet) who can go in the Ark are going to be the Master Chief and High Prophet. Since the Master Chief is the Anti-Christ (i.e. Thomas Plantard de Saint Clair) he would be the most qualified to be able to touch the Ark. Thomas would probably have to do with the fake Ark of Covenant (the Atlantean one which levitates to the Pyramids) while Master Chief can get to the Ark in the coming Halo 3 game.

I don’t think we’re playing the same game. I don’t think we’re living in the same universe.

There is also a Flood which seems to be named after the Flood in the Bible which destroyed Atlantis.

“The name of the Ark refers to the biblical story of the Noah's Ark that was built to save Noah and a number of animals from the flood, but it's possible that it has a double meaning referencing to the Ark of the Covenant, as it was built as a weapon against the Flood.

The Flood in the Halo 2 game are infectious creatures which turn humans and Covenant into zombies, and in Halo and Halo 2 the reason why the Halos were made as super weapons, according to 343 Guilty Spark (he is an AI construct the Forerunners built), was to prevent the Flood from spreading by taking away their food source... all life in the universe!

“The Master Chief, meanwhile, returns to Earth in a spaceship he stowed away on when he left Cortana behind at her insistence. The ship that the Chief is on is a Forerunner Ship and it is occupied both by the last Prophet and its AI, which Cortana said she had great difficulty with as it fought her. Both the Master Chief and the Prophet are probably trying to head to the location of the Ark on Earth. The stage is set for a climactic final battle on Earth to find and gain control of the Ark which has either the power to shut down or resume the Halo Installation superweapon firing sequence all over the galaxy and also on High Charity to re-defeat the Flood.”

Except for the part about Atlantis, that seems pretty accurate. Mostly because that section is primarily made up of Halopedia quotes, but that’s all there is in the article about the Flood.

The other character besides the Master Chief or SPARTAN-117 is a Covenant alien called "The Arbiter". He is considered an 'Elite' alien. The character Arbiter offers the player a chance to play on the side of the Covenant, however later on in Halo 2 the Arbiter and the Master Chief meet and become allies in order to fight against the Prophets and prevent the Ark from being activated. Here is an interesting quote about the Elites, of which the 'Arbiter' is one, taken from the link above:

“During the game, the Prophets slowly begin to replace the Elites with Brutes, and eventually they call for a genocide of all Elites so that Brutes may replace them in their society. This sparks a Covenant civil war. On one side there are the loyalists: the Brutes, the Drones, and the Jackals, led by the Prophets. On the other side, the Elites lead the Hunters and the Grunts. The Arbiter, being an Elite, after meeting the Master Chief while being held captive for interrogation by Gravemind naturally sided with these separatists and became a central figure in the Covenant civil war. This break away faction even manages to secure an uneasy alliance with their enemies, the United Nations Space Command, the Reclaimers to stop the mutual threat of the Halos being set off.”

Here, it says the Brutes are replacing the Elites as the servants of the Prophets. As a result, the Elites are being hunted down by the Covenant forces loyal to the Prophets and the Elites, along with Grunts and Hunters, join the human forces and the Master Chief to fight against the Prophets. This seems symbolic of the Civil War in the Church scenario led by Joel's Army.

No, it isn’t. It’s just science-fiction drama.

Bungie's game could be symbolically referencing the possible betrayal of the Joel's Army, as symbolized by the Elites. Joel's Army may represent the Elites, but it seems like it portrays the Prophets (Benedict XVI) as betraying the Elites (Joel's Army) while the Elites are replaced by the Brutes who are hunting them down and killing them (Zionist Sanhedrin or Zionist Jews?). Could the Prophets also double up on representing Pope Benedict AND the fake Sanhedrin? Then Thomas Plantard (SPARTAN-117) who leads the UNSC (or could double symbolize Maitreya as well?) JOINS FORCES with the Elites (Joel's Army) to fight against the Pope/fake Sanhedrin and prevent the Ark from being activated?

Also, when Halo is made into a movie, it will probably end up further polarizing secular/New Age society against Christian Fundamentalists/ Dominionists, as well as generate animosity toward the Catholic Church and the Pope, much like the recent Star Wars film, Revenge of the Sith, tries to depict the Emperor as the Pope Benedict.

These are a rough projections, as all of these projected scenarios and parallels are, but the point is that Halo 2 depicts the betrayal of Joel's Army (Elites) by possibly their Pope/Fake Sanhedrin (Prophets) and the Arbiter (Master Jesus?) takes his fellow Elites and joins forces with the Master Chief (Thomas Plantard de Saint Clair) and the UNSC forces (Maitreya/UN) to fight against the Pope (Prophets). When the Master Chief possibly goes to the Ark in Halo 3, it could symbolize some sort of supernatural event like the phony Ark of Covenant from Atlantis symbolizes.

Seriously, no one cares about Joel’s Army. They aren’t the center of the world. There are many depictions that have nothing to do with them or promotion of a war. There aren’t any Freemasons or Atlantis in Halo either.

There is also something strange about the Arbiter's name:

“The Arbiter was originally called the Dervish. The name was changed because it could be considered offensive to Muslims.”

The Arbiter, however, was worshipped by much of the Covenant society as a Messiah.

“Many, especially Grunts, see the Arbiter as their Savior, and their peers consider him the 'Will of the Prophets' or, in his military role, the 'Blade of the Prophets'. Every Arbiter was 'created and consumed in times of extraordinary crisis', and has been martyred in the undertaking of his momentous tasks.”

While the Master Chief's goal is to go back to Earth as a stowaway on the Forerunner Flagship along with the Prophet of Truth (i.e., the False Prophet) and to stop the Prophets from activating it, the Arbiter's job perhaps is to stay within the Civil War in the Covenant (Civil War in the Church) and help lead his fellow Elites (Joel's Army) to victory and be instrumental in bring union between the two societies once at war, the 'good' Covenant (Joel's Army) and the humans/UNSC (UN/Maitreya). Was this what Wes Campbell meant by the harvest coming in? “But the end of the vision was this: that after the time of bloodshed, the Lord was going to heal the breach. And then the harvest will come in.”

As it says, every Arbiter was martyred or killed in the process of performing his duties. If the Arbiter dies, and was seen as a messiah, he could be seen as a Jesus Christ-like figure who died and sacrificed himself to the cause of a New Age for uniting the Elites (Joel's Army) and UNSC (UN/Maitreya) while Master Chief (Thomas Plantard) lives and stops the Ark from activating, thereby preventing the destruction of all the universe. While the Arbiter in Halo 3 might possibly die as a sacrifice, the Arbiter's death could also symbolize the transition between the Church Age of Jesus Christ to the New Age of the Antichrist.

There are just so many ways in which this author has screwed up here… The Elites aren’t Joel’s army. The Master Chief isn’t the Antichrist. The Arbiter doesn’t seem much like a Christ figure; he’s more of a redemptive hero. Microsoft isn’t promoting war against Christians.

I do not like things that I wrote being used to support such erroneous claims. Clearly this author is too far gone for my blog post to sway their viewpoint should they ever read it, but I just want it on the record that I do not support this article. At least I can sort of laugh at it.


Christopher Krycho said...

The only thing I have to say about your article (besides that I agree with your analysis of this guy as absolutely crazy) is that he's also not in any way representative of even fundamentalist Christians. (I fit that category in most regards. I also quite enjoy Halo. I'm also not CRAZY.)

In any case, your article cracked me up - I enjoyed it a lot.

BlinkingSky said...

Oh god, oh god, oh god. I think I'm gonna die from both laughter and shock from how detached that guy you are disproving is.