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Grand List of FML Sexism (Part 1)

For those unaware, I have been making posts (three so far, counting this one) about entries at the 60-second schadenfreude site FMyLife (FML). FML is a collection of submitted entries about how “f***ed” the user’s life is or, these days, how much their life sucks. Many of the posts contain elements of sexism, either of the user or simply as an element of the situation. The following is a list of FML entries I consider representative of sexist ideas, from the very beginning at 10/13/2008 to 1/28/2009. Note that some items are numbered out of order.
· #11 – Guy who sits next to attractive woman (on the bus?) asks her number, is delighted to get a number, but it later turns out to be fake. I’m sure the woman is used to guys hassling her because of her attractiveness. It seems like this guy falls into the role of creep.
· #18 – Typical fat hate in which guy hassles his girlfriend about dieting.
· #38 – Guy hits on two girls with lame pick-up line; they laugh at him.
· #41 – Guy expected sex when his girlfriend came over, but she just wanted to sleep.
· #237 – Guy gets called a pervert by his girlfriend. No other information, but I suppose it’s likely he deserved it.
· #363 – Woman sleeps with guy; she wants to pursue a relationship; guy is a total jerk.
· #385 – Guy makes sexual joke about female professor. She overhears him and says she will strictly judge his next exam.
· #396 – Guy gets mistaken for a girl, causing confusion with foreign employees. Implication is that perceived femininity is humiliating.
· #476 – Guy tries to romance his wife while she watches TV. She gets annoyed and snaps at him.
· #490 – Guy gets hurt because of sexist notions of what it is to be a man.
· #504 – Woman tries to get a date with an attractive waiter. The waiter is a total jerk about it.
· #524 – Guy is upset because his wife found out he was cheating on her.
· #525 – Woman finds out her boyfriend has her email listed under a “booty call” category.
· #533 – Woman finds out her boyfriend was cheating on her. (Compare with #524)
· #568 – Guy finds picture of his girlfriend on a site collecting pictures of ugly people. More of an FHerL.
· #581 – Woman finds out that her boyfriend, who is a transvestite, takes sexy pictures of himself wearing her clothes without getting permission. Also an example of rigid gender roles.
· #600 – Woman waiting outside of a restaurant for her boyfriend while wearing sexy clothes is mistaken for a prostitute by the restaurant owner.
· #602 – Woman asks her ex-boyfriend to come back. He rejects her, but offers sex.
· #840 – Guy is upset because his girlfriend wants to dress him up like a girl.
· #689 – Restaurant serves surprise dessert shaped like male genitalia called “Maiden’s Dreams” for which no spoon is given.
· #723 – Woman is upset because of her sexual drive and that she has had sex with three different people in two weeks. An example of sexist stud/slut double standard.
· #857 – Guy is upset by two women talking loudly about sex, which is understandable. Guy, however, is specifically disgusted by the fact that these women are fat and ugly.
· #966 – Guy gets caught cheating on his girlfriend.
· #1077 – Guy is upset because a clerk thought he was a girl.
· #1122 – Guy meets his online date and is upset because she’s fat and has facial hair.
· #1833 – Guy’s online dating service suggests only the profiles of himself and a transsexual, who he refers to as a “tranny”. Guy rejects the transsexual out of hand and complains about how the service ranks his profile’s compatibility with himself. I’m not sure if transphobia counts under sexism, but I’m including it anyway because of the overarching subjects of gender and prejudice.
· #1883 – Guy is upset because his girlfriend won’t have sex with him often.
· #1911 – Woman has to deal with a creepy male teacher.
· #2119 – Guy is upset because his voice is higher-pitched than a girl he met.
· #2243 – Guy was almost raped by another guy. He feels that the fact that he is a guy and not a girl makes the situation worse. Definitely homophobic and in a way that comes from the fear of being effeminate. Any act of rape is a violation, inexcusable, and it doesn’t matter what gender are the people involved. What, if the person raped was female does he think that would be better because she’d enjoy it? Whatever the case, there is something really screwed up here.
· #2248 – Guy hooks up with a woman he meets in a bar, but finds out she has a penis. Transphobic.
· #2632 – Guy gets into huge fight with (ex-?) girlfriend, which results in her attacking him. He calls the cops on her, which leads to the cops arresting him. Assuming I believe him (given the jerks around this place, I’m a bit skeptical), this seems like a case of domestic violence statistics working against him. While FML users are fast to call this “reverse sexism” (seriously, reverse sexism is gender equality), it seems to me like a history of men-against-women sexism causing one potentially innocent guy to get burned. The whole thing isn’t given any context, though, so I have no way of knowing what caused the fight in the first place. Maybe he is abusive; I don’t know. In any case, this entry is definitely relevant to the list.
· #3093 – Carless woman walks to work through snowstorm. A man in a car yells profanities at her for being a “freak”.
· #3194 – Guy feels burned because a woman he and another guy were “sandwiching” her while dancing and the woman told him to find someone else.
· #3221 – Guy’s eleven-year-old nephew asks him to explain sex, specifically porn-related items like the heterosexual male objectification of lesbians.
Alright, that’s 35 FML entries showcasing sexism and that’s just the first 54 pages. After running into the sexist FML entries I previously described in my post back in April, I tried to find a site somewhere talking about sexism on FML. The best I’m able to find is the “FML Fail” series of posts at the blog What a crazy random happenstance, which is kind of like what I’ve been doing here. Hopefully, this list could be useful to someone else on the net interested in this subject. I’ll collect more later.

Edit: Part 2 is here.

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